13May 2016

Fishing Lure Manufacturers, Best Fishing Lure Supplies Bait that fish food. Lure fish bait when fishing for food, further speaking, it is in the fishing can play all the material that can be used to or able to gather fish lure fish bait. It is the essential thing. According to the principle of sub lure fish, […]

16May 2016

Fishing Lure Manufacturers, Best Fishing Lure Supplies Types of fishing lures lure fishing is a sport and its usage is a wholesome sport, exercise is good for health, so play. They can exercise human patience, perseverance, fighting, requiring people to understand nature, protect the natural environment, man is part of nature. Demanding technical mastery of […]

18May 2016

Best Fishing Lure Supplies, Fishing Lure Manufacturers, Companies, Wholesale A fishing small medicine 10 brands 1, with good small medicine Chinese fishing small medicine the most powerful integrated enterprise, its small fishing drug supply of raw materials around the world, a large number of domestic enterprises to do (OEM) OEM business, while China is also […]

19May 2016

Fishing Tackle Fishing Lures, Fishing Lure Manufacturers Fishing sport originated in ancient labor process, can be traced back hundreds of years before. Ancestors of the Chinese nation is to rely on fishing for food. Archaeologists in Xi’an Banpo cultural sites, we found a large bone hooks. This is sufficient to prove that Chinese fishing practices […]

20May 2016

The so-called road sub-fishing method that is bionic bait fishing method, also known as Quasi (false) bait fishing method is a method to lure small fish mimic biological attack, the entire process of fishing, anglers are doing body movement, and a traditional fishing method has a great difference. But why Lure use it? Why attack […]

14Dec 2023

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