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A fishing small medicine 10 brands
1, with good small medicine
Chinese fishing small medicine the most powerful integrated enterprise, its small fishing drug supply of raw materials around the world, a large number of domestic enterprises to do (OEM) OEM business, while China is also an important supplier of food ingredients.
In recent years, with its own brand of good fishing small drug products have begun benefiting fishermen, fishing its remarkable effect it has an excellent reputation, its own brand market share increased rapidly!
Best Group and associated companies for the food group, whose fishing small medicine raw materials are environmentally friendly products. In addition to the group involved in the fishing industry, but also to get involved in the food industry, real estate brokerage industries, and trade.
One of China’s four major fishing tackle show, the Midwest’s largest, sales of the most popular Xian (and good) gear exhibition also hosted for the enterprise; at the same time the company also sponsored the strongest purchasing power, sales of the most popular Taiyuan in North China (and good) gear Exhibition; and the first East exhibition, Hefei (and good) gear show. Its influence across all areas of fishing tackle market.
2, West Germany pool
Chinese fishing small medicine top brand, with its product effect is remarkable, rich product system, discerning known, raw materials and technology come from Germany, although the new entrants to the market brand, but menacing, quickly became well-known brand, the background mysterious and powerful !
3, Taipei 101
101 Series Taiwan fishing bait additive is a master of the deployment, the raw materials used come from the United States. Taiwan fishing is one of the largest suppliers of flavors and fragrances in Taiwan! Its low-end products in the mainland market has a higher share of small medicine.
4, Luoyang Liu busy
China Luoyang Liu busy (agricultural water Huan East Jin Baishun) bait factory, established in 2002, is located in Luoyang, China high-tech industrial park. Some products have been expanded to Southeast Asia, Russia and other places. In recent years, China can see the size of fishing gear on the show business figure, it is a high degree of activity and the market share of national brands!
5, Wuhan Xiong Guchuan
Wuhan Xiong Guchuan bait scent prime factory, founded 2006 registered professional development and production bait (feed) prime scent, flavor, fish attractant. It has a high market share, especially in the low-end market share in small doses higher fishing!
6, Fanchang penetrate king
Fanchang County penetrate Wang Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D terminal top BHK pheromone (lure fish agent) business, the use of modern high-tech green production technology, the products are exported to Southeast Asia.
7, Japan’s Shimizu
Japan Shimizu lure fish agent in 2010 to enter the Chinese market, its product effect is more prominent, have a certain market share and reputation.
8, Shanxi God poly
Shanxi God Poly bait Limited was founded in 2003, 2005, product type available. The company’s R & D carp small medicine known, high profile in Shanxi, the country also has a certain reputation.

9, Central Taiwan Tian
The company has dozens of products, especially fish appetizer single product high reputation and well-known, is another well-known brand in Taiwan fishing small drug.

10, Zhengzhou fish ha ha
Zhengzhou City, ha ha fish recipe Fishing Tackle Co., folk exclusive features, reputation and market acceptance are gradually expanding, it is a small fishing drug market a new force.
Second, China’s top ten brands bait
1, old ghost bait
The early 1990s, the company began producing the old devil fishing bait, in 1997 the formation of “Old Devil Fishing Club.” In 1999, the old ghost bait company Creation “Old Devil Cup” National Fishing Grand Prix has become one of the highlights of competitive fishing. In October, for the training of reserve forces for fishing, old ghost bait company also founded the Hubei old devil fishing school, its students throughout the country.
After 20 years of precipitation, the old devil has stable seat Chinese fishing bait first chair.
2, Dragon King hate bait
Hubei Dragon King hate bait parent company was founded in 1993, is the leading fishing enterprises, specializing in the production of bait fish attractant and a variety of fishing tackle, known as “China bait industry pioneer and leader.” R & D and market three brands, four channels and thousands of fishing supplies, some products exported to South Korea and Southeast Asia.

3, Wang bait fishing
The company was founded in 1995, “fishing king” bait has a high market share and reputation, but also one of the leading Chinese companies bait industry.
4, Shao new bait
Shao new fishing supplies Limited was founded in 2003, the legal representative of Mr. Shao new, from recreational fishing proficient research athletics Diaofa turn, outstanding achievements, its actual effect produced outstanding bait.
5, Tianyuan bait
Wuhan Tianyuan just boat gear limited liability company by the fishing champion Deng Gang, Xu silver boat co-sponsored the creation of the company, product development in the game, test the product to make Tianyuan bait in a few years, become well-known brand fishing enthusiasts in mind.
6, north and south bait
In 1988, Mr. Liao Xinyang came to the mainland Taiwan’s fishing industry, actively promote the sport fishing, and developed China’s first generation product series -NS old bait bait north and south, has more than 20 years, the company has developed into north and south of the country’s largest fishing tackle production enterprises.
7 West wind bait
Wind bait fishing gear in western Sichuan Province, established in 2003, is specialized in the development of bait, development and sales of well-known manufacturers, especially in the recreational fishing bait wild areas more prominent.
8, Wang magic bait
Wang magic bait fishing gear Ltd. established 1993, is a company with 6 series and more than 160 professional single product manufactured bait companies. Its high market visibility and reputation.
9, white shark bait
Wuhan white shark bait, Ltd. established in 2003, it has been trusted by many anglers recognition. The company according to differences in environmental waters around the developed eight categories more than 100 varieties. Products sold the domestic market and exported to Southeast Asia.
10, Jinlong bait
Jinlong bait fishermen’s bait as a brand, has just intervene in the market in recent years, but the development of fast food market is a vital force.