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Types of fishing lures lure fishing is a sport and its usage is a wholesome sport, exercise is good for health, so play. They can exercise human patience, perseverance, fighting, requiring people to understand nature, protect the natural environment, man is part of nature. Demanding technical mastery of the false bait of choice for delicate operation lever, all permeated with a wisdom and ability.

When you hand in the road sub-fish, then it is a spiritual enjoyment, you will better appreciate slowly charm lies. How can people fall in love with their own physical and mental health benefits that sport it, how to play in order to achieve fascinating to see it, we must first choose a straight shank with a spinning reel with nylon thread, for various considerations, straight shank lever grip than good, more in terms of cost, handling, use of, and so on all aspects of the performance of the long shot, straight shank are dominant.

A line round a lure is the most basic equipment, so you can start your fishing lures passion. Have equipment later, the fish want to rely on your technique, perseverance and patience. Simply speaking it, it is to lure countless thrown out, then lure, catches back, play is not boring fish and patience force. Here a small way, when you put the fake bait thrown out: the first thing you look for punctuation, looking for fish hiding place the most stress. Punctuation: 1, the inlet and outlet 2, 3 stakes, piers 4, 5 corner, obstructions, and so on. Then you need to know about fake erbium. Why eat fish lure? From the viewpoint of the fish, fish lure for three reasons: First, predatory fish are fish nature. Second, defending territory, when the big fish little fish feel foreign enemy invasion of the territory, it will attack. Third, the curiosity, when the big fish your lure curious, it will also attack. Lure lively and lovely shape, not only hooks, but also a work of art. Usually we choose lures hard lures are a few: minoxidil, chubby, wave picking, VIB, miter sequins, sequins dipper, as we still have these types of pencil sea journey. Then from several Lure share with the exchange about the use of false bait: 1, minocycline —– Minuoluya relatively easy to operate, after the dumped down success, to maintain a stable rate of recovery this is the most basic control techniques, very practical. But one thing to note when handling Camino person is not suitable to stand high places, if standing height using minoxidil, then, do not pull too minoxidil close to the water.