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Fishing sport originated in ancient labor process, can be traced back hundreds of years before. Ancestors of the Chinese nation is to rely on fishing for food. Archaeologists in Xi’an Banpo cultural sites, we found a large bone hooks. This is sufficient to prove that Chinese fishing practices in the matriarchal society of the Neolithic period have been found. As the “Origin of Chinese folk music” (Guo Bonan waiting) and said: “China has been fishing history at least 7000 years.” At the time fishing in troubled waters, spearing fish, fish sticks, fish shooting, fishing nets and fish, are the ancient people living labor means. When social productivity continued to rise, the development of feudal society, gradually formed a kind of sport, was accepted by more and more people. Since the Han and Wei Qin to the Tang and Song dynasties, mostly Mystics to good fishing for the clear and elegant, poetic Wong Chui, the text of the cast rod, sitting fishing boat leaves Dan, hanging by a thread. Fishing conditions which reflect the evolving custom. Chinese history compiled a collection of poems in the Spring and Autumn Period ?? “Book of Songs”, there are many articles describing fishing poems, entitled as “lotus” wrote a poem: “…… son in hunting, Yan Wei long his son; son on fishing, fishing their remarks to justice dimension Ho …… “in the” bamboo “and other poems also have articles describing fishing lines.?. The Han Zhuo Wenjun “Baitou Yin”, on behalf of Yan Tao Yuanming, Ji Kang, Han, Xie Lingyun, etc. are in the poem to express fishing Masaoki verse. Shen Tang Dynasty whole issue of “fishing rod chapter” in the “Asahi grabbing red smoke, fishing on the Green River to the suspect. Heaven to sit, fish like a mirror hanging in.” Meng Haoran “gift Zhang Chengxiang Wang Dongting Lake” and “mountains Lake gang” and other poems have always focussed on the famous fishing.

Poet Li Bai pen is spent fishing quip, such as “pay Cui Shiyu” wrote:. “Yanling from Wansheng not swim, go fishing Biliuhe naturally lying empty mountain guest star speech emperor seat, drunk nothing but Bai Yang state. “in the” hard road “a poem” …… bet on fishing bixi, suddenly re-dream at the side of the boat. “Baijuyi is an exclusive fishing nostalgia poem” Wei even catch on. ” Especially Liu Zongyuan “River Snow”: “boat PC World Weng, fishing alone trees and snow,” Tian Ya profound poetic, sparking many ancient painters, according to the poetic mood of trees and draw the diagram. Some of them have thus become masterpieces. Old age and poor Du son are fishing enthusiasts, which in the “Village” a poem vivid description. Song Dynasty writer Su Shi, calligrapher Huang Ting and patriotic poet Lu have to write many poems fishing feelings. In addition, there are a lot Cifu vividly reflect the fishing customs. Customs Yuan, Ming generations fishing flourished, there are many men of letters Masaoki this music, also wrote a lot of fine words punch, describing the fishing modality, such as Huang Geng, Zhang Zhu, Zhou, the ecliptic week, Hongsheng, Huang Jingren and other poets.

Although the movement originated in the ancient fishing labor process, but for thousands of years, mainly confined to social elites and men of letters, which are among the busy person. The general public (especially the masses) even though fishing and fishing, but also to make a living. Sport fishing as a really enhance the physical health of people and the promotion of sports and entertainment, but also later in the 1950s, was gradually formed a certain universality of sport customs, even though the absolute number of people who like sport fishing , far less than many other people involved in sport. However, sport fishing throughout the country have a lot of enthusiasts, which is a considerable popularity. Since the 1980s, sport fishing has made great progress. In 1952 the sponsoring organizations and the establishment of the “International Federation of Sport Fishing” by the UK and other European countries. September 1983, “China Sport Fishing Association” was established, and develop and implement a standard grade fishing athletes and referees, all sizes of sport fishing in international competitions and national competitions, as well as different regions and different units of the Tournament, tournament after another constantly. Sports newspapers and magazines often published introduce fishing knowledge and various competitions grand article. In 1984 the issue-oriented magazine “Chinese fishing” publication. These are effectively promoted the rapid development of sport fishing, along the prosperity of the national economy, people’s material and spiritual life constantly improve the level of need, it has a unique self-cultivation and improve the health status of sport fishing, more and more the general public favorite.

Widespread participation in sport fishing, of course, not only to catch a few fish, but fishing process that brings people endless joy. Everything is beautiful process. When anglers fish rope thrown into the water, and began the long wait time, his eyes unblinking stare floats; two hands holding a fishing rod, fishing rod children to carefully feel even a little of a star jitter. Etc. There are fish bait, anglers will be forced to throw the water, even if only a willow children like fish, also eyes suddenly light up, filled with the joy of harvest. It’s like fishing friends say, he rarely eat their own catch of fish, each time to catch the fish back, he gave almost all neighbors or friends. He said he was fishing purely for pleasure. Fishing do not eat fish, eat fish not fishing, this is nothing new. Moreover, things took a long time, finally caught a fish, but then again it is released, and FIG have is a fun fishing. Fishing can train a person’s patience, waiting for fish bait when the kind of wistfully, looking toward thinking twilight of hope, the joy of fishing is the best state. Angling expensive in close to nature, into the nature, hone their will in nature, spiritual cultivation, cultivate character, the saying goes: fishing is not intended to fish, between care landscape.

In Europe, it is undoubtedly the preferred sport fishing. However, at the earliest, when fishing is not entirely as a movement exists, most people fish in order to survive. Ancient people had to buy food to go fishing. Prehistoric humans think, and then release the fish catch is completely foolish behavior.

Now the situation has changed a lot, well-equipped athletics veteran fishing boat fishing, they have large outboard motors, electric motors hidden, graphite rod, there are a few big box of bait. Acoustic monitoring by electronic instruments and find traces of fish, measuring water temperature, pH and oxygen content. They Fishing definitely not luck, because now advanced fishing equipment is their ancestors never dreamed of.

The earliest method of fishing is entirely very practical, but also to meet the nutritional needs. There are indications that, as early as the Paleolithic Age, people with a harpoon that specializes in the tide went down, stranding fish in little ponds. While this is sometimes very useful, but in fact this is a passive way of life. After social progress, along with advances in fishing technology. Because food and feed use, with the idea of ​​a hook and bait fishing also appeared. This bait is looked disgusting thing, it is buried in the bait in an elongated broken bone structure, it line is all kinds of materials together. When an unsuspecting bait fish to swallow this group, the bones and the line will soon slid into its stomach, the hands of a pull wire, cross bones stuck in the fish’s stomach, it will not run .

The first hook is made of natural materials. Age early civilizations, the hook can be made of a variety of materials, such as human or animal bones, cactus spines, legs and even insects can do hooks. Some of the more progressive civilized society, people made a bronze hook, before that, playing a hook made of flint used for a long period of time. When the ancient fishing, whether live bait or dead bait can be used to catch a variety of fish.

In the heyday of Greek civilization, sport fishing has also been a major leap in the introduction of artificial flies shape Lure. At the time of anglers fishing with bait, this innovative invention caused quite a stir. Therefore we can say fly fishing (also known as fly-fishing) and the use of artificial bait in the same period of development.

Fishing in the history of another historic development in the 15th century. “Making fishing tackle and fishing methods,” published in 1496 on how to tackle homemade made a detailed presentation, but also describes in detail the method of making three pole for bait fishing and fly fishing, and even production (with an iron hook that era of anvil, rasp and needle made) also made a detailed introduction. Also it introduced the people to adapt to different fishing seasons, white horsehair line staining. Its sophisticated modern fishing methods enough to surprise. “Making fishing tackle and fishing methods,” a book also describes the people in addition to using float fishing and fly fishing, but also increase the sink with trout fishing method and compare the brutal fish. Even now many anglers also like to see such an old book, some things inside it is still very useful.

The history of the fishing line, it is varied. In the sixteenth century, the British made with horsehair line, a single horsehair used to catch fish, trout fishing use share, trout is to use a dozen or more. The horsehair pick up, how long does it take long. Filament fishing line is also useful to do, in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and silk string tension is very strong, is also used as a fishing line.

Because use of the line of development horsehair and silk made great progress. Despite the high-tech industry to bring enormous progress, but also to produce polyester line, but the old wires still haunting, fly fishing in combination comeback again.

Appeared in the North American market, an early so-called “modern” is Dacron fishing line fishing line, it is a very soft and elastic knitting polyester fibers. Although it is still widely used in the flywheel and long wheel Diaofa today, but monofilament is better, it’s more tension, less visible degrees. Monofilament yarn is used in the progress of the chemical industry plastics industry results. In fact it is made of nylon, polymers and resins made artificially manufactured.

When stroke fish, the biggest drawback is that it monofilament thread elastic, taut line and fish, when the fish stroll, a problem arises. When the angler raise the rod tip mounted hooks, monofilament thread stretched reduce the force acting on the hook. Another problem is that when the line injuries, it is very easy to break.

Now there are people in many parts of North America with a bamboo fishing pole material but the new system allows anglers now free to choose the combination according to the weight of the pole, uses and prices. Interestingly, the spot bamboo fishing rod fishing rod refined now than to many high-tech made expensive.

After World War II, made rod industry has changed dramatically. Glass fiber technology developed, can produce light, telescopic pole, the greater its tolerance. Fiberglass pole production machines proved to be much faster than manual, so prices drop. These machines produce model represents a sophisticated technology, and is considered a combination of beautiful appearance and excellent performance. Further improved to produce some lighter pole, those non-fiberglass pole shelved, or rushed to the museum alone. Fiberglass pole system as an advanced material, it is this advantage lasted until the 1980s. Then a new, more advanced materials for the first time debut. Graphite A material used in the aerospace industry, from the drawing board to the production line. To make the pole body lighter, more resilient, we introduced this material. Obviously, anglers with fishing pole weighs 4 ounces, compared with 8 ounces of weight to pole more comfortable. Compared with some of the old fiberglass pole, their value is equal, but the advantage of the graphite rod even more incredible.
Today, graphite and graphite rod / glass fiber composite pole on the market has a very good response. Expensive fishing rod contains a large proportion of graphite fibers, in the case of non-destructive strength, it makes the body light pole as possible. Although the price is expensive, but still acceptable. In general, the higher the content of the graphite rod body, the more light, the more sensitive, graphite / fiberglass pole is generally between $ 30 to $ 70, it becomes more and more popular.
Advanced manufacturing to produce a series of fishing rod, there are some special pole for specific locations. For example, the pull rod is designed to pull bait bait fishing method design. Perch pole is dedicated. In addition to most standard cast rod and various models, the weight of the wheel rod, the rod is also a special stage, like a little short pole, is designed for short-distance, throwing and simple designs. Sometimes, a boat with several different sizes of bait throwing devices, this is not astonished. Modern fishing rod there are so many choices when fishing angler do not have to waste time for the bait.

One of the reasons fishing history of the most notable is the development of bait. From the earliest to the present Hougu most sophisticated crank bait, bait story to write an entire book, and now collect old lure and philately as valuable, as fascinating.

Flies are the first for bait fishing, bird feathers and animal hair are also tied to the earliest brass hooks. Nature gives us inspiration and material, mimicking the water, ground and air insects. Even now, a large part of the lure is made of synthetic material, but with fly fishing and it is the same as our ancestors.

Bait has experienced a remarkable stage of development. Some historians believe that the first generation produced bait false bait, rather than fly. After the first bronze was melted, the mold is made according to the shape of fish. In the mid-nineteenth century, when the first round of fishing bait as U.S. patent suggested that there have been major changes in the development of false bait. During this period, handmade wooden lures were developed. Lure arises in the turn of the century, its development is in the twenties of the twentieth century, now lure family has grown up. Choice for anglers lure numerous, such as the shape of the strange lure, bait and other wheel, if this is not enough, then there are a lot of plastic worms Lure waiting for you.

The latest development in the high-tech electronic fishing tools in the field. Sonar is the introduction of military technology during World War II, it can accurately detect submarines underwater. It can also be used in natural fishing, detect underwater fish on its screen clearly see the shape of a fish. The latest combination with side scan sonar, which enables the angler can not only see the object level, you can still see vertical objects. Some fish finders and even equipped with a game, so that the angler when fishing can be fun at leisure.

Electronic fishing boat motor is powered by a 12 volt battery, which enables anglers quietly through the narrow and fish more easily frightened place.

Other electronics industry for the development of more advanced high-tech fishing paved the way for aids. Thermometer constantly read the temperature of the surface water temperature probe needle down to the underwater accurately detect the position of the different temperature layers. At a certain depth in the clear, contaminated water or dirty conditions, anglers from the colorimeter know what color the most effective lure.

In terms of speed and design, the design of the ship has been great progress. A large number of aluminum and fiberglass boat replaces the original birch bark canoe flat-bottomed wooden boat. Aluminum, one of the toughest and lightest metal, ideal for the average angler use the. Most of the angler has a shape of one kind or another aluminum boats, these boats 14 feet from simple to advanced portable boat fishing boat. Because the water speed and stability, to become the preferred fiberglass boat construction materials – fiberglass boat, looks like a mirror smooth, up to 70 km per hour, which makes anglers spend less time on the road. The shape of the ship and sizes, some are designed for large lakes and coastal and design, some very narrow hull so that they can pass through the narrow waters. Of course, all the ships are now equipped with a built-in live well and a set of fishing tools, making them super high-tech fishing machine.