Talk Lure fishing methods

The so-called road sub-fishing method that is bionic bait fishing method, also known as Quasi (false) bait fishing method is a method to lure small fish mimic biological attack, the entire process of fishing, anglers are doing body movement, and a traditional fishing method has a great difference. But why

Lure use it? Why attack the fish lure it? The Chinese fishing are the city for the Expo you explain the secret. Fish Lure attack divided into three cases:
Predator: fish for your own food definitely rely on their own catch, which is the most active, the most typical attack. Driven: its own territory fish against aggressors way is to attack, attack, then attack.
Curious: There is a full attack from the bottom of the fish to try and lure the curious attitude, it is only by mouth to reach out to things around.
Knowing this, then how do we choose the lure?
People with visual, hearing, smell, taste, lateral line (skin temperature of the reaction), the fish have, Lure fishing in the visual and lateral line responses are the most important visual and lateral line reaction depends on the weather, cloudy with a relatively conspicuous white and pink, with silver or yellow in broad daylight, of course, depends on the color of water, it may be a natural color black or red handy when water turbidity, but when clear water is blue and brown, have to consider in addition to the refraction of light problems, water temperature and water quality problems, but there are two colors is absolute, that is, red and black. Red is because when the animal is frightened the abdomen will show a color or pink, and black is the sun, the lure in the water, the fish in the water looking up, only to see the color. Hard Baits relatively easy to interpret, thrown into the water immediately able to understand, and soft bait when dancing is more tricky, fishing lures imitate injured or weak biological action, must be safe on the water drag look and see this lure how and when to beat procrastination.
In addition, the level of the ground, whether there are obstacles and other factors can also affect affect Lure selection. We want to make a different analysis of different situations, because of the ground in order to gain a lot of bait selection.

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